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Happy Employees


Being able to change is a necessity to be able to sustain in the fast changing world and disruptive economies. The only way to implement a change in an organisation is by means of its employees.


The focus on customer centricity is increasing and demands another way of looking to our products and services.

Being a Hostmanship specialist I can bring in expertise from Amsterdam based Hostmanship organisation to assist this process. Hostmanship is -the art of making people feel welcome-, as customers, partners and colleagues. Hostmanship is about seeing the person we meet not just as a customer, patient, client, student, co-worker or colleague, but as a dear guest. This 'guest–host' type of approach is the starting point for developing a truly welcoming attitude and serving culture. 

An innovative climate or culture is essential to create a new way of working.

It is academically proven that an innovative climate creates engaged and happy employees. Being a certified SOQ® and VIEW® practitioner I am able to assess the corporate and team climate and compare this with innovative and stagnating companies around the world.

Through workshops and coaching, together we can focus on the weak points and create the ultimate innovative climate required to change and adapt.

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