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Excellent Customer Service


How do you turn your clients in Delighted Customers, Loyal Customers, company Advocates, FANS ?


I am a firm believer this requires a holistic companywide approach.


CRM, NPS, Customer Insights, … are all means to better know your customer. Marketing will make use of this to promote your product or service.

However turning your customers into FANS requires a companywide focus on delivering extraordinary customer experiences.


  • By making use of a proven methodology (Disney's 'business behind the magic'Hostmanship)  we set up a Customer centric programme focussing on your employees, processes and the environment you deliver in. Strong leadership is elementary in this process.


  • We will implement the programme towards a sustained Customer focus of the entire organization. Innovative climate and happy employees are elementary in this process.


  • If products or services needs a redesign, as business partner of Livework Studio, a London based design studio I can bring in the latest Service and Business design methodologies and years of Service design experience to assist this process.

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Tel: +32 479 97 16 84


Skype: jangorrem

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