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Magic in a bottle

On a date night with my wife we had a lovely diner in 'Taratata', a nice restaurant at the other side of the country. It is owned by a young couple, he does the kitchen - she the serving. We ordered a nice (expensive) bottle of wine with the meal. After the main course, the lady of the house came and asked if we were interested in desserts. I said "yes", my wife just wanted another glass of wine. However our bottle was empty and not to order per glass (it was a special one), so just a glass of the house wine would do.

After a few minutes she came back with my delicious dessert and a full bottle of (the expensive) wine. "Sorry but we just wanted a glass" we said. The lady promptly answered with a genuine smile, "I know, but if I would serve you the house wine, your evening would be ruined. So I offer you a glass of the same wine. For the price of the house wine off course :) ". "The rest I will drink with my husband after work at home, as it is a real good wine you have chosen".

Now this was magic to us, an experience to remember ! I've told this story already a thousand times ... free marketing for Taratata (in Hasselt, Belgium for those who want a nice service, and delicious food).

A year later I went again with my daughter and told the lady this story ... "I remember, you sat upstairs then, isn't it" she said. To my big surprise, she was right ...

This lady definitely knows her customers ! Guess where I'm going for a meal when I'm in Hasselt again ?

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