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Know your customer ! Ok … but do you(r employees) know what you deliver ?

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__ During my last assignment I had to set up some communication interfaces with our equipment and a remote monitoring system in another country. For this the company had a contract with the biggest Telco provider of the country. The technical details were set up by a ‘IoT (Internet of Things) technician’ (title according his email signature) of the provider’s company. As many Telco operators, customer service is the hot topic today. I heard some rumours of their related program and wanted to know more. So when my assignment came to an end I contacted the IoT-tech again. Explained him my passion towards customer service and would love to hear how his company is doing on this, so asked for the right person. Less then a week later he came back with the ‘Director of Customer Centricity in cc. To make a long story short, I had a very interesting meeting and got to more insights on how this company is dealing with customer centricity, how it is embedded in an overall customer oriented transformation program. After my meeting I sent a short ‘thank you’ note to the IoT-tech for making this meeting possible. He shortly replied ‘you’re welcome, we’re close … when you need us’. These last words are actually one of their company's brand promises you see on different media all over the country !

When I received this message, I smiled and realised the huge customer transformation program of this company is making good chances to succeed! Although he works in the IoT department, dealing with very technical stuff between other IT-geeks, he knows and understands that they actually have to be close to the customer. On top, he doesn't know I am a customer or not __

Your brand promise must be much more then just a combination of some letters. It has to be embedded in the organisation from top to bottom and left to right.

To deliver excellent service, your brand promise must be lived by your employees through continuous training and strong leadership.

A brand promise is only effective if all employees truly embrace itDisney Institute

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